Main advantages

  • Up to their realisation, your vested benefit assets are exempt from Swiss withholding tax, wealth tax and capital gains tax.
  • Attractive yield in accordance with the investment strategy chosen.
  • Retirement savings may be used to finance owner-used residential properties.
  • Reduced tax rate at pay-out.

Early withdrawal of retirement savings

By law, your retirement savings are blocked until you reach your retirement age minus five years. At the earliest, you therefore are entitled to withdraw your savings capital at age 60 (men) or age 59 (women).

Exemptions from this age limit are possible in the following cases:

  • Purchasing or building an owner-occupied residential property or repayment of the corresponding mortgage.
  • Transitioning to self-employment while unaffiliated with a pension fund.
  • Permanent settlement abroad (further regulations apply, if you are settling in a EU member state, Iceland or Norway). 

Deferred retirement

The Mirabaud Vested Benefits Foundation enables you to keep your vested benefits account beyond the ordinary retirement age (men: 65 years, women: 64 years) up to age 70 (men) or age 69 (women).

The longer your retirement savings are invested via a vested benefits account, the greater your tax savings because such retirement savings are exempt from capital gains tax and wealth tax for the duration of the investment.