Free choice of investment solutions

By joining the Mirabaud Vested Benefits Foundation, you are able to determine the proportion of your means allocated to the various sub-funds. If your vested benefits exceed a certain threshold, you may also make use of our asset management services to set up a made-to-measure portfolio that reflects your personal choices.

At which juncture should you open a vested benefits account?

  • If you are in search of employment and not entitled to (advance) benefits from old-age or disability insurance schemes.
  • If you temporarily suspend your professional activity (e.g. due to full-time education or training or maternity leave).
  • If you are transitioning to self-employment while unaffiliated with a pension fund.
  • If you decide to take early retirement without drawing occupational pension benefits.
  • If you decide to leave Switzerland permanently and have accordingly notified the competent authorities.
  • In case of divorce or dissolution of a registered partnership while unaffiliated with a pension fund.
  • If you are transitioning to a new employer and unable to transfer the entirety of your vested benefits to the new occupational pension institution.